Nigerian National Power System Officials and Experts Visited Hebei Box-type transformer Co., Ltd.

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Nigerian National Power System Officials and Experts Visited Hebei Box-type transformer Co., Ltd.

  On July 12 / 2018 more than 20 people from Nigeria's national power system officials and experts visited and inspected Hebei Box-type Transformer Co., Ltd. Zhang Guoqiang, deputy magistrate of Suning County, Shen Jixian, chairman of the company, Shen Jiqing, general manager, and Ren Yubing, technical director warmly received the distinguished guests from Nigeria.


First of all, the distinguished guests from Nigeria conducted on-the-spot investigations on our factory, sheet metal workshops and assembly workshops to gain an in-depth understanding of the company's scale, production capacity, research and development level, domestic and international market distribution, distinguished guests gave high marks to our product laboratories and product inspection facilities. 


Later, the distinguished guests went to the conference room to listen the product introduction. After listening to the introduction of the technical director, foreign friends have conducted in-depth exchanges on the company's product characteristics, marketing model and market demand. The customer gave a high evaluation of the company's production capacity, equipment level, quality management system, etc., and fully affirmed the quality of our products, greatly appreciated on our enthusiasm service, and developed an interest in our products for the Nigerian market, also made relevant constructive comments. This visit has laid a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two parties in the future; and hopes to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with our company.

 In the context of global economic integration, Hebei Box-type transformer Co., Ltd. is fully prepared and integrated into the international environment to seize opportunities and open up domestic and foreign markets. This meeting will complement each other and contribute to the realization of mutual benefit, mutual benefit and complementary advantages, which serves the long-term interests of both sides.



Finally, I am very grateful to Nigerian national power system officials and experts for coming to Hebei Box-type transformer Co., Ltd. for inspection. We will use this as a new opportunity to let power products enter the depths of the African continent.

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