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 Falling type (can be cast type, removable) distribution type lightning arrester is zinc oxide lightning arrester modified cleverly installed in drop fuse cascade institutions, to achieve in the electric power, can use insulation switch lever easily to test the arrester, repair and replacement, not only guarantees the smooth lines, and greatly reduce the work intensity of the electric power maintenance personnel and time, should not be particularly suited to power places such as telecommunications, airport station, hospital, street, etc. The other performance of the product is the electric distribution type arrester. 

Second generation increased the disconnector fall arrester, the abnormal failure occurs in the arrester, using the short circuit current power frequency make the disconnector action, make the disconnector grounding end off automatically, lightning arrester element falls, exit the operation to prevent the accident further expands, and easy to maintenance personnel for maintenance and replacement in time. The principle of the collapse of the fuse is similar to that of the fuse. 

My company adopted the most advanced international RW12 falling type, contact reliable, flexible and combination, and USES the composite pillar and advanced stainless steel accessories, has the advantages of good anti-fouling corrosion. There are two types of disconnector, hot melt and thermal explosion. The thermal explosion is fast, the action current is wide, and it is able to withstand the advantage of the current shock and the action load. 

Product performance meet the national standard GB11032-2000 (eqvIEC60099 4:19-91) "the exchange non-clearane metal oxide arrester), JB/T8952-2005" communication system using composite coat non-clearane metal oxide arrester especially ", GB311.1-1997 "the high voltage power transmission and transformation equipment insulation coordination". 

Second, product characteristics 

1 The arrester unit can be charged at any time, especially suitable for the no-fail site. 

2 Take the disconnector, the arrester unit can automatically turn down when the unit fails, exit the operation, the fault line is running normally. 

3 It is easy to find, repair and replace in time because the unit turnover is marked by failure. 

4 The lightning arrester adopts the compound coat, the fall mechanism USES the compound pillar, the hydrophobic ability is good, the ability to resist pollution is strong. 

Use conditions 

1. Environmental temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃; 

2 The altitude is not greater than 3000m. 

3 The frequency of electric power. 

4 The maximum wind speed is no more than 35m/s; 

5 The earthquake intensity is 7 degrees and the following areas. 

6 The main technical parameters

The main technical parameters

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