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  • Products Name: Zinc oxide arrester
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  • Time: 2016-12-18
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first. Overview

The arrester is a kind of attachment for the arrester and is used in series with the arrester. Its purpose is when the arrester abnormal failure, the use of arrester flow through the frequency of short-circuit current let the striver action, so that the disengage of the grounding side automatically disengaged, arrester out of the system to run to prevent further expansion of the accident and give a fault arrester to Visibility of the identification, easy maintenance personnel in time to find fault points for maintenance and replacement. When the arrester is in normal operation, the disconnector presents the AC conduction state and does not affect the original working condition of the system and the protection characteristics of the arrester, thus ensuring the normal operation of the system, so that the arrester really achieves the "maintenance-free" requirement. Due to the excellent nature of the disconnector, in various countries, such as Europe and the United States, Japan and Southeast Asian countries, the power grid to run the various types of arrester, has been more common supporting the use of the device. With the rapid development of national power construction and the safety requirements of the power system, China has been in the power generation, power plants, railways, civil aviation, communications, mining and other important power supply sites, has also been gradually using the disengage.

The splitter is divided into hot melt type separator and hot burst type separator according to the principle and performance. The hot melt type separator uses the frequency short circuit current flowing through the dead arrester to fuse the gold purpose. The thermal burst is the use of power flow in the lightning short-circuit current in the arrester to produce arc, detonated thermal explosive components to achieve the purpose of separation.

Company disengagement of the implementation of the standard for the GB11032-200 "AC gapless metal oxide surge arresters" and IEC.C62 "distribution arrester disconnector requirements." The use environment of the disconnector is the same as that of the arrester.

Second, the product features

1, thermal explosion off the device

In China's power grid, 35KV and below the power system for the neutral point of non-effective grounding system, which is directly connected with foreign grid grounding system, the lightning current is mostly small current, in view of the characteristics and learn from foreign companies (such as The United States GE, Sweden, ABB, Germany, Germany and other well-known companies in Germany) the advantages of thermal detonator, developed RBT-3, RBT-4-type high-efficiency new device, which has the following characteristics:

A, the action current range: combined with the characteristics of China's power grid itself, both in the large power frequency fault current (> 50A) from the next, but also in the small frequency of fault current (50mA)

B, from the fast speed: the circuit breaker with the reclosing function, not only for a variety of voltage levels and various types of arrester, but also with a different grounding system (neutral point effective grounding system and the neutral point is not effective Grounding system).

C, high mechanical strength, good sealing performance: from the device before the action is not high mechanical strength, good sealing performance. RBT-3 type tensile strength> 2000N, RBT-4 tensile strength> 4000N, RBT-3-type splitter can be used with 35KV arrester supporting the use of RBT-4-type disconnector with 35 ~ 220kv arrester supporting the use of.

E, easy to install and replace: the use of screw off the external interface, and arrester series is extremely convenient and reliable, the detachment once the action is very convenient to change, save time and effort.

2, hot melt off

The hot-melt disconnector utilizes the frequency short-circuit current flowing through the failing arrester so that the low-temperature alloy frit in the disconnector is blown (melted) to achieve the purpose of disengagement, so that the hot-melt disengagement device is separated from the hot- Long, 50mA ~ 5A of the disengagement time of 0.8 ~ 1.9min. However, when the hot-melt disengagement device is disengaged, it does not produce an explosive sound, and there is no explosive vibration and explosive debris, and it does not have any effect on the installation environment.

The main technical parameters

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