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An overview of zinc oxide arrester: 
The zinc oxide arrester is the arrester with good protection performance. Using the non-linear volt ampere characteristic of zinc oxide, the current minimum (microampere or milliampere stage) that flows through the arrester during normal working voltage is very small. When the voltage is applied, the resistance drops sharply, the energy of the discharge voltage is reduced, and the protective effect is achieved. The difference between the lightning arrestor and the traditional lightning arrestor is that it does not discharge the gap between discharge and use the non-linear characteristic of zinc oxide to act as a discharge and break. 
Scope of application: 
The ac non-interstitial metal oxide arrester is used to protect the insulation of the ac transmission and transmission equipment, from the overvoltage and the operating overvoltage damage. Suitable for transformer, transmission lines, distribution panel, switchgear, power metering box, vacuum switch, parallel compensation capacitor, a rotary motor, semiconductor overvoltage protection, etc. 
The characteristics of zinc oxide arrester: 
Exchange non-clearane metal oxide lightning arrester has excellent nonlinear volt Ann characteristics, good response characteristic and no big stream, flow capacity, low residual, ability to suppress overvoltage, filth resistance, anti-aging, altitude are not legally binding, simple structure, no clearance, seal tightly, long service life, etc. 
Zinc oxide arrester adoption standard: 
GB11032   《no gap metal oxide arrester》
JB/T8952 《35kV and the following communication use the compound jacket without interstitial metal oxide arrester》
IEC99-4  《system with no gap metal oxide arrester》
The main technical parameters

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