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  • Products Name: PRW11-35KV drop-out fuse
  • Products Number: 0008
  • Time: 2016-12-18
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The outdoor falling type fuse is applied to the 35kv and below voltage frequency 50Hz power system for transmission lines, power transformer overload and short circuit protection. It has the characteristics of economy, easy operation, adaptability to outdoor environment. 
The falling fuse works 
Fuse in series in the electric power line, in normal work, with button of fuse installed in the fuse tube on contact, be equipped with pressure relief cap compression of the compressor, fuse the tail line out through the fuse tube, will pop up nearly nozzle plate twist back pressure, and the contact connection, in the pop-up plate under the action of the torsion fuse has been in a state of tension, and lock the joints. When the fuse is in a closed position, the contact of the whole fuse is more reliable due to the downward force of the top and the outward thrust of the shrapnel. 
When power system fault, fault current will fuse fusing rapidly, the electric arc welding tube, fuse pipe under the action of electric arc, produce large amounts of gas, when the gas pressure more than the given value, the interpretation of the tablet with the button head open, reduce the pressure of the fuse tube, and have strong go free after current zero, the arc extinguishing. And when the gas pressure does not exceed the given value, the interpretation of the tablet is not action, current zero being strongly to free gas from the nozzle jet, pop-up panels will quickly pull fuse end line, arc extinguishing. Blown fuse, the activities of joint release, fuse tube shell under the static contact pressure, coupled with the action of the weight of the rapid fall, cut off, the circuit form obvious breaking clearance. 

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