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  • Products Name: S11-M oil type transformer
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  • Time: 2016-08-18
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S11-500/10-0.4 transformer product overview:
Core are all made of high quality grain oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, the inclined hole without binding structure, core for multi-stage cascaded, three joint or five juncture, empty, low loss, low noise, wound core winding directly with special equipment, no seams, no Angle, reduced the magnetic resistance, low air loss; Amorphous alloy transformer iron, which USES the materials produced by the United States trust, reduces air losses by an average of 72 percent compared to the traditional silicon steel sheet and 50 percent free current.
Coil is made of high quality QQ wake paint baoyuan copper wire, oxygen free copper rod drawing of flat copper or copper winding and become, its form has cylinder type and continuous type, a new type of spiral, split type, etc., has enough electric strength, mechanical strength and thermal capacity.
Tank is made of high qualified steel plate welded together, such as elliptic shape, structure, heat dissipation component adopts chip radiator, expand the radiator or corrugated tank, fuel tank and reliable sealing experiment was carried out in the factory, both inside and outside surface after pickling, phosphating treatment, three bottom side spare paint, paint is corrosion resistant and the beauty is generous.

Transformer USES environmental conditions
The altitude is no more than 1000m
The environment temperature
The highest temperature + 40 ℃
The lowest temperature 45 ℃
The most thermidor average temperature + 30 ℃\

The highest annual average temperature of 20 ℃ +

Outdoor lowest temperature 25 ℃ the performance characteristics of S11 transformer and using range

S11-500/10-0.4 transformer and S11 series transformer technical parameters:

Product features
Low noise: compact design, new materials and new processes, lower noise, no oil storage tank, lower than similar products. The safety and reliability of the grid operation are improved during normal life period without the need to change oil.
When the transformer is encapsulated, a vacuum filling process is adopted to completely remove the moisture from the transformer tank. Seal after the transformer is not exposed to air, prevent caused by oxygen and moisture into the transformer insulation performance degradation (insulation aging and oil), so don't need to sample experiment was carried out on a regular basis.
3, reliable, long service life: sealed transformer box cover and the box with the connected by bolts or welding die structure, and out of contact with the oil with air, insulation will not be affected with damp be affected with damp, greatly reduce the insulation aging speed, improve the service life.
4, S11-500 oil-immersed transformer is small in size, beautiful shape, S11 - M series transformer tank using corrugated plate heat sink, when the oil temperature change, the oil volume change by the elastic expansion of corrugated compensation adjustment. The corrugated tank is small and small and occupies a small area.
5, no-lift heart: the user can save the cost of the crane, without the need of a heart check. No maintenance: all sealed transformers do not need to be maintained.

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