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  • Products Name: sulfur hexafluoride ring network cabinet (XGN-12KV)
  • Products Number: 04.01.01
  • Time: 2016-08-18
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product description 
     HXGN-12 box-type fixed metal-enclosed switchgear (referred to as ring network cabinet) is rated voltage 12KV, rated frequency 50HZ AC high-voltage electrical equipment, mainly for three-phase AC ring network, terminal distribution network and industrial electricity Equipment, from the acceptance, the role of distribution of electricity, it is also suitable for loading box-type substation.
Use of environmental conditions
1. Ambient temperature upper limit +40 °, lower limit -25 °;
2. Altitude not exceeding 10000m;
3. Air relative temperature daily average of not more than 95%, the monthly average of not more than 90%, steam daily average of not more than 2.2x10-³Mpa, the monthly average of not more than 1.8x10-³Mpa;
4. The surrounding air from corrosion or combustible gases, water vapor and other obvious pollution;
5. No regular violent vibration.
Product Features
1, the whole assembly structure, lightweight and beautiful, can be any combination of installation, easy extension of infinite extension.
2, can be equipped with SF6 load switch, combined electrical appliances, but also with vacuum load switch, combined electrical appliances, and installation dimensions are completely consistent. Small size, maintenance-free, three-phase linkage structure, with significant isolation fracture.
3, with the load switch, combined electrical appliances, the security approach is flexible, can be installed on the side, is loaded, flip.
4, can be manual and electric operation, and has remote control remote control function.
5, with a sound and reliable mechanical linkage, interlock device, fully meet the "five anti" function.
6, color linkage protection insulated valve, blocking live contact, to ensure personal safety.
7, color with a positive operation and maintenance, reliable wall installation.
8, the door is equipped with observation window, can clearly observe the work of the components inside the cabinet.

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