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  • Products Name: DFW cable splitters (no switch) 40.5
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  • Time: 2016-08-18
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1. An overview 
1.1 product use
Dfw-40.5 630\20 cable splitter box for 40.5 kV 3 phase ac 50Hz distribution system, connection cable, as the use of receiving and distributing electrical energy. Product no exposed conductive part, all conductive part epoxy resin with high dielectric strength gel or silicone rubber for closed, safe and reliable, appearance can touch, didn't get an electric shock risk.
The cable is plugged into the wire through the elbow and distributes the electricity through a wall casing. Outlet and inlet line of the cable connection box can meet the cross section of 50 ~ 300 was the use of power cable, this product can provide single outlet and inlet line of cable, double cable into a variety of installations, such as wire. Installation maintenance is simple, no fire danger, especially suitable for industrial and mining enterprises and high voltage transmission and electricity distribution. It is a new type of distribution equipment suitable for power cable transmission and distribution.

Product features and usage ranges
1.2.1 into line and qualification of all electric parts was completely high dielectric strength gel or epoxy resin, silicone rubber was closed, the insulation to withstand all the test voltage, divided into type looks can touch type and they shall not touch.
1.2.8 product references GB/t11022-1999 "common technical conditions for high voltage switch equipment and control equipment standard"; GB3906 "the 3-35kv ac metal closing switch equipment" : DL/T539, the relevant provisions of the technology guide for the common order of high-voltage switch equipment.
Install usage conditions
The height of the installation site is no more than 2000m.
Note: the installation site will need to negotiate with the manufacturer when the altitude is over 2000m.
Ambient temperature is not higher than 2.2 + 40 ℃, the average no more than 24 hours + 30 ℃. Ambient temperature is not less than 30 ℃.
The surrounding medium is not explosive and inflammable and dangerous. There is no gas or steam that can damage insulation and corrode metal.
2.4 installation place of no violent vibration and turbulence, the installation tilt is not more than 5 °.
Note: for users who do not meet the above conditions or have special conditions for use, they may negotiate with the manufacturer.
Product name, model, plan
The product is full name: dfw1-40.5 630-20 outdoor cable split-box.
The type of product and its meaning
The product is fully called DFW - 40.5/630-20 type 40.5 kV outdoor high voltage cable split-box.

Product connection plan.

Main technical parameters
Rated voltage: 40.5 kV;
Rated frequency: 50Hz;
Rated current: incoming line and main mother line 630A; Supply line 200A, 400A, 630 A;
Peak resistance: 50kA (peak);
Thermal stable current: 20kA (valid value) 4s;
The insulation level:
Labor frequency tolerance: interphase, relative to 95kV / 1min.
Shock resistance: alternating, relative to 185kV (1.2/50 mu s).
Protection level: IP34; The special requirements may be negotiated with the manufacturer.
Weight: about 200 to 300 kg.
Five principles and structure of
5.1 a brief introduction
DFW - 40.5/630-20 type high-voltage cable splitter box is made of three labyrinth insulated structures in stainless steel or steel cases.
Labyrinth insulation structure is different, it is made of epoxy resin materials, method of APG insulator, insulator creepage distance is used to extend the insulation on both ends of grooves, A Φ 25 made of red copper bus bar through the middle, (see chart 1), the conductive cross section was 400 or higher, current density of 1.5 A/was insufficient. Ends insert made of silicone rubber as the creepage distance by extension insulating groove structure insulation wire, insulation wire sets (see chart 2) at the end of the set of insulation cover (see chart 3), all live part is contained in insulation parts, so as to achieve the purpose of the sealed insulation.

There are insulated bus lines with grooves at both ends

Attached figure 2 is an insulated wire jacket made of silicone rubber

Attached figure 3 insulation cover made of silicone rubber
The attached figure 4 is the two circuit splitter
The attached figure 5 is a three-way splitter
The attached figure 6 is a four-way splitter

Image: 1. Insulation cover;
Silicone rubber insulated wire sleeve;
The stress cone;
Insulated casing and circular bus.

Attached figure 5, 3 circuit splitter

The high voltage cable spliting box shall be tested as follows
1 structure inspection to inspect the dimensions according to the drawings;
6.2 the main loop of the measuring total circuit resistance or less 80 mu Ω;
1 minute in the test of insulation test. The 95kV (95kV) between the charged and the charged parts of the earth was not punctured in 1 minute.
The resistance level verification test should meet GB4208 IP34.
7 installation
77.1 cable cubicle
When installing the cable box in outdoor installation, the installation base and cable chamber should be installed in the attached figure 7.
The method of the 7.2 cable terminal
The cable terminal should be in the attached figure 8.
Table 1 is for the cable parameters.

The installation of the lifting and cable fixing of the cable
The suspension of the cable spliting box
With rev hanging vertical lifting equipment, hole for hoist at the bottom of the box body, hoisting rope soft contact with the body parts should be fitted the cardboard or cotton, avoid knock against enclosure effect the beauty of the whole. It is absolutely impossible to hurry up in the process of lifting, causing unnecessary damage. The cable splitter should be placed on the base of the cement, which is on the base of the cement, and the screw is tightened. When the cable is installed, the cabinet should be removed, and it will be reset after installation. The box is installed and the gap between the box and the base of the cable is enclosed. On the short move, the clasp on both sides of the box can be lifted by four people and must not be dragged on the ground. It is also not possible to smash and prise the box, otherwise it will damage the seal properties of the box.
7.3.2 cable fixture and cable clamp installation
The cable card straps are fixed on the base of the box when they leave the factory. They are removed and put aside for use.
Cable clamp left and right sides of the long hole with a Φ 11 x17, fixed on long hole M10 x 25 of the bolt, the bolt down and set aside.
Set the cable to the base of the cable, and set the cable to the base of the cable box.
The connection between power cable and cable spliting box
The power cable and cable spliting box shall be connected by the following steps follow the steps in figure 8 for the cable terminal head. The line should be in the order of A phase, B phase and C phase. check that the specifications of the power cables are made in accordance with the dimensions of the specifications in table 1, "40.5 kv cable parameter table". check cable specifications are in line with the line core section of the cable supplied by the user when ordering.
The final preparation
Fix the cable in the cable compartment. Connect cable ground wire to the ground bus separately, make the sealing of the bottom of the cable chamber, make the moisture be not immersed. Finally dust the surface of the insulation with a clean soft cloth.
Routine inspection of equipment
The routine check before the electricity
The power cable of 8.1.1 shall be the same as the phase of the cable spliting box.
8.1.2 wipe the surface of the insulation with acetone.
8.1.3 check the box for any forgotten tools, wires, metal, flammable and other items. And clean it up.
All the fastening screws are strong and reliable.
8.1.5 products have been tested before running.
Check for first run time
During the new operation of the cable spliting box, the inspection should be strengthened within 72 hours. The content of the inspection includes: whether the insulation parts of each unit are broken, crack, flash and discharge, whether or not there is abnormal sound, the cable terminal operation is normal.
Routine check in 8.3
At least once a year, power cuts and sweeps are carried out at the cable split-box. Make a preventive test every three years. The contents of the test include: the resistance of the operator and the resistance of the loop resistance.
A routine check before the power failure
Check for the presence of flash and discharge in the insulation parts of each unit. If there is any abnormal sound, the cable terminal is not running properly.
Routine inspection after power failure
Clean the insulation, steel stents and dirt on the surface of the outlet cable. Check the insulation parts of each unit for breakage, crack, and flash.
9 order instructions
Article 9.1 the shipper shall provide the following technical documents:
(1) the product name, model, one connection plan and quantity.
(2) the quantity of spare parts is detailed.
(3) the color of the box.
(4) special requirements.
A random technical document that the supplier should provide to the user:
(1) certificate of product.
(2) packing list.
(3) product installation instructions.


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