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  • Products Name: he online monitoring system of on-line discharge and temperature of the ring
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  • Time: 2017-06-09
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The whole system consists of wireless temperature sensors, transient voltage sensors (TEV sensors), background computers and background phones. For A switch cabinet can be installed three wireless temperature sensor (wireless temperature sensor can be measured the temperature of the A, B, C three-phase), install A transient voltage sensor, wireless temperature sensor will be collected by means of wireless temperature is passed to the transient voltage sensor, transient voltage sensor to display the current temperature value of the temperature sensor and the switchgear of partial discharge. The transient voltage sensor passes the data from GPRS to the computer in the background control room and sends the alarm message to the phone client. 
One. Installation mode 
Panel open hole mounting 
1.96 mmX96mmX92mm 
Function of two. 
Monitor the host to design the appearance structure according to the dimensions shown above 
2. TEV monitoring partial discharge 
The internal design switch board TEV is placed in line monitoring and displays real-time data 
Temperature monitoring of switch cabinet 
The built-in wireless reception module, which can receive the wireless temperature on-line monitoring data of the open cabinet, can realize each temperature value. 
Wireless traffic data transmission 
Monitor the internal design of the GPRS traffic module, which can transmit data and temperature data from TEV to the background monitoring computer via mobile phone traffic. 
5. Excessive alarm 
When the local discharge is excessive or the temperature is above the standard, the signal is sent to the designated mobile phone number by the GPRS traffic transfer module. 
Alarm threshold setting 
In the background computer, the background software can be used to monitor the setting of alarm and temperature alarm prevalue. 
Background data transfer 
The background computer can access all sensor data over the network. The sensor can also be connected directly to the sensor via GPRS module. 
Sensor data is saved 
The monitoring host keeps the data time in a row for less than a month, according to the data set every 30 minutes. 

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